We provide assistance in preserving your real estate and its value. We ensure the physical, legal and economic preservation of buildings we manage through managing and documenting the processes related to the building’s use. The process of real estate management involves the continual systemisation of data relevant to real estate maintenance, thanks to which competent decisions can be made concerning the property and the required activities can be conducted.

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Technical Maintenance

Technical maintenance involves activities and works required to physically preserve the structures. We will arrange the everyday technical maintenance and find the qualified specialists to do the electricity, water and sewage, ventilation, lifts, gas heating units etc annual maintenance and surveillance.

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Maintenance works

Maintenance works on the property and in the building is a service with the aim to ensure cleanliness and order on the plot, including the safety and convenience of using the property. We will find the proper and qualified specialists and companies who will do the cleaning of building exterior boundaries and structures, parking lot and sidewalks maintenance in summer and winter, and maintenance of forested and landscaped areas including all the other works needed.

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