Maintenance works

Maintenance works on the property and in the building is a service with the aim to ensure cleanliness and order on the plot, including its small structures as well as the building’s external boundaries and the cleaning of internal rooms, ensuring their appropriateness for the owner and users. This is our oldest and strongest activity with the most varied set of services. Foremost keeping in mind the private and public sector, we have trained our service managers, work supervisors and workers to the level of being worthy of professional certificates and the company to be the best maintenance company in Estonia.

Exterior territory maintenance

  • Maintenance of driveways and parking lots
  • Maintenance of sidewalks and paths
  • Maintenance of forested and landscaped areas
  • Maintenance of sport fields and playgrounds
  • Waste handling organisation
  • Hoisting of flags

Cleaning of building exterior boundaries and structures

  • Cleaning of buildings’ external facades
  • Cleaning of windows and showcases
  • Cleaning of roofs
  • Deep cleaning of exterior stairs
  • Cleaning of building and other exterior surfaces

Cleaning of rooms

  • Cleaning of main purpose rooms
  • Cleaning of public rooms
  • Cleaning of technical rooms
  • Deep cleaning of floors
  • Protective treatment of floors
  • Extraordinary cleaning tasks
  • Organisation of pest control
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