Construction and Repair Works

Construction and repair works are required to be organised in accordance with the maintenance plan in order to ensure the real estate’s maintenance (physical preservation) and functionality. The contents of the construction and repair works are unique. The need for the works stems from changes in the desires and needs of the real estate users, the need to remove the results of normal depreciation (wear and tear) and/or the need to liquidate results of accidents caused by different reasons without changing the building’s purpose of use or the need to change the building’s purpose of use, volume or size.

Organizing the Construction and Repair Works

  • Compiling terms of reference for construction and repair projects
  • Organising tenders relevant to the planned project
  • Signing or organising the signing of required contracts relevant to the project
  • Supervision of the fulfilment of contracts relevant to the project
  • Design organisation
  • Owner supervision organisation
  • Other activities relevant to the organisation of construction and repair works
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