We provide assistance in preserving your real estate and its value. We ensure the physical, legal and economic preservation of buildings we manage through managing and documenting the processes related to the building’s use. The process of real estate management involves the continual systemisation of data relevant to real estate maintenance, thanks to which competent decisions can be made concerning the property and the required activities can be conducted.

Construction and repair works organisation

Construction and repair works are performed according to the site’s maintenance plan to ensure the real estate’s maintenance and functionality. The need for such works may arise from changes in the user’s desires and needs as well as from the need to liquidate the results of wear and tear or accidents. Leave organising the work to us and we will ensure best quality in performing the task.

Ensuring consumption services

Ensuring the property has energy, water and communication services is essential for organising work and life at the site. The list of required services can be long and communication with different service providers time consuming. We take care of this task on your behalf and give our clients a monthly overview of the services used.

Organising the provision of supporting services

Who will hang the picture on the wall? Who will rearrange the furniture in the rooms? Who will perform what is required and for which the company does not have sufficient hands for? We assist with advice and action

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